medical tourism North AmericaMedical tourism is a recent phenomenon that is taking place all over the globe. In North America in particular, there is a great deal of medical travel taking place between Canada, the United States and Mexico because each country has something unique to offer in its medical system. Medical tourism is when someone travels for the purpose of receiving some kind of medical treatment. People of affluence and ingenuity have been engaging in medical tourism for centuries, but with travel more accessible than it ever has been in history, medical tourism has become a cultural trend. Whether a person requires dental work in Tijuana, surgery in California or the services of BC drug treatment centers, medical tourism across North America can be an attractive option for many.

The medical tourism draw to Canada comes from the respect the world has for the Canadian medical system. The doctors are well respected, the system is very functional and the medical practices are known to be on a socialized health system. The socialized aspect is for citizens and residents, but is still very affordable to outsiders who purchase a specialized healthcare policy for their time in Canada. Many doctors who study medicine around the world reside in Canada, and its healthcare system is known for its incredible diversity and world experience.

The United States medical scene offers a different set of advantages to medical tourists. The U.S. is widely regarded as offering the most sought after doctors and medical practices, but for a hefty fee. Unlike its neighbors to the north and south, the medical system in the United States, until very recently, was highly privatized. Any medical procedure would cost a lot of money, either through insurance premiums or procedures without insurance. Obamacare has radically changed the face of medicine in the United States, but is still a higher premium. Because healthcare is privatized, successful practices can heavily charge customers but also offer the best quality medical treatment.

Mexico, as a developing country offers yet another variety of medical care. People travel to Mexico for the affordability of their medicine and procedures, as they do not have a medical system that is as formal as the U.S. or Canada. Particularly people who do not have health insurance in their own countries travel to Mexico for their range of affordable options for the uninsured. The quality of the medicine and the practices is, however, more questionable than the other countries of North America.

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