Mexico medical tourismCanada and the United States may have medical industries with strong reputations for being insurable and credible, but Mexico has a medical industry with a strong reputation for being the most affordable and accessible. As developed nations, Canada and the United States are the countries in North America that are known for the quality of their medical care, which is important, but what good is quality when those below a certain household income cannot access the medical services? The medical services and health insurance of the United States is very costly, and the socialized medicine of Canada is only accessible to its citizens and residents. In North America, it is only in Mexico that individuals can hope to find some medical attention that is both affordable and can be performed expediently.

Mexico makes its medicine and medical procedures affordable and accessible to low income households. Mexican citizens and residents are able to take advantage of the affordable healthcare system, as well as a number of people of different nationalities who travel to Mexico for healthcare, particularly from the United States. The installation of Obamacare is changing the healthcare landscape in the United States, but for decades, the juxtaposition of the expensive healthcare in the U.S. and the affordable healthcare in Mexico had United States citizens heading in droves to Mexico for medicines and procedures that would not bankrupt them.

The medical industry of Mexico rarely expects those taking advantage of it to be insured. Health insurance law in Mexico is not stringent like it is in Canada and the United States. Many Mexican citizens are uninsured, and the medical system is set up to accommodate those without insurance. It is true that the certifications of some physicians are questionable and not all of them should be trusted, but many people consider this worth the highly accessible healthcare that can be received in Mexico.

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